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The DE Employment Solutions team is here to partner with you on your new job search.  Using the criteria you provide we will search the major job websites and apply for the jobs you want.  You receive notification from the jobs that your application has been received and we send you a copy of the job description we applied on your behalf for your records and preparation purposes.  


Email us your resume and receive a FREE full resume analysis in two business days.  Spelling, grammar and content will be examined by one of our resume specialists and you will receive a recommended revised version. If you would like us to update your resume, we will collaborate with you to make all the recommended changes and re-writes as a part of our resume services.  We will also include a cover letter and reference page with your resume package. 

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DE Employment Solutions is made up of writers and applications specialists eager to assist and support you on your journey to new employment.  Our company is constantly evolving and growing, our mission is to provide you with the best solution for furthering your career and achieving your professional goals. 

Employment Services


We are here to search and apply for the jobs you want while you use that time preparing for interviews and transition to a new position.  One of the biggest challenges in finding a new job is the first layer of the process.  Most of us already work full time and when you couple that with the time we spend on various activities both before and after work it can be very difficult to carve time out for the search and apply process.  If you know what kind of jobs you want to apply for and you know what cities you would like to work, the DEES team will run those searches for you and apply for those positions on your behalf.  After each application we will send you a copy of the job description so when your potential new employer calls or emails you will be well prepared for the next steps in the hiring process.


Spend that hour in the gym, take that cooking class, enjoy watching your family's activities or just relax and recover from your work day while we focus on getting that first piece done for you! 

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